What are Extension Menus?

Extension Menus are intended to provide post-reading projects and activities for use either by the student reading the text (better readers) or the teacher presenting the text (beginning readers).  They can be assigned to reinforce desired skills, they can be choice boards for individual interests, or they can be used to assure understanding and comprehension of the book’s content for independent class and homework reading.  

Remember that many picture books are written and intended for older children and are written at intermediate levels.  Occasionally, they make excellent choices for homework or mini-units in the classroom, and the Extension Menus can stress higher level thinking and ELA skills.

Why should I use Extension Menus?

* Menus increase understanding of a book after reading and before taking an  Accelerated Reader quiz.

* Menus work on higher level skills for the better student who finishes reading early.

* Students share their independent reading books with the whole class in a variety of ways.

* Projects and activities “grab” the interest of other students who might then read the book.

* Menus help parents share in the home reading experience with their child.

* They provide extension choices based on student interests.

* Menu choices allow lower, grade level, and higher ability students to read at their levels while completing similar literary projects.

How long should it take to read a book and complete an Extension Menu?

Picture books and an activity should take 1-2 days, according to the project selected.  Reading a chapter book or a novel and completing an Extension Menu should take approximately two weeks for an average book.

How do I grade Extension Menu projects and activities?

I grade for both quality and effort, using a √+ (A-B), √ (B-C), √- (D or Incomplete).

How do I display and share projects and activities?

I make a large bulletin board in the hallway, partitioned into 8-10 sections with yarn.  One section highlights writing projects, one is for art projects, and the rest are for individuals’ mini-bulletin boards or projects, like research on animals or webs or maps.  They go up as needed and come down after about a week to make room for new projects.

Is the price of Extension Menus worth the price?

Yes, unless you have hours, days, and weeks to create your own materials.  Also, once you have purchased the materials you have unlimited use of them in your classroom.

How do I organize and store Extension Menus?

They can be copied once and put into plastic sleeves in a binder for classroom use.  I put about 50 in a binder by reading levels, especially the years I taught in schools with a high population of ELL students.  For instance, Levels 1-2 in one binder, 3rd grade reading levels in another binder, 4th grade level books together, etc.


You can store the Extension Menus on the computer and a student can make a copy to take home with a book as a homework packet.

What do I do if the Extension Menu I need is not available?

Please contact us with the title and author.  We try to add at least ten new Extension Menus every month.  Extension Menus for picture books can be written quickly once the book is found.  However, it may take a bit longer for chapter books and novels.

What do I do if I find a content, grammar, or typing error in an Extension Menu?

Please contact us with the title and author.  We will make corrections immediately and email you the revised menu.